There is a scene in Major League when Charlie Sheen’s character Ricky Vaughn shows up for spring training and his shirt has no sleeves and he isn’t wearing a hat and the manager says to him “we wear caps and sleeves at this level son.” Week in and week out on the PGA Tour players are required to wear pants for all of their rounds, including their practice rounds.

This week at the PGA Championship the players are allowed to wear shorts for their practice rounds. All competitive rounds they are going to have to wear pants but this is a start.

This practice of wearing shorts has already been adopted on the European Tour for practice rounds. In a sport where they follow the sun there is no reason here on the PGA Tour they don’t adopt the same policy. Heck there is no reason with the shorts they are wearing that they don’t follow suit with the caddy policy and let the players wear them all week.

Dads Say So it is great to see the players wearing shorts for their practice rounds this week. We would really like the see the PGA Tour adopt this policy as well. Some of the places they play can really be warm and while the players stay hydrated and the clothing is designed to keep them cool the walk can really be difficult. Thank you to the PGA of America for getting this one right. Maybe someone in the offices in Ponte Vedra Beach will notice and also do the right thing.

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