Quail Hollow, outside of Charlotte, NC, is the site of this weeks PGA Championship.  Since 2003 it has played host to the PGA Tour’s Wells Fargo Championship.

Going into the 2017 PGA Championship there was some work done to the course to prepare for a major, but they have left the “Green Mile” stretch of 16-18 almost in tact.  

There was some work done right off the bat on the course as they removed the first green and have extended the hole down to the second green making it a 524 dogleg right opening hole.  That’s right, 524 yard par 4 opener.  The start is going to be fun.  

In needing to replace a hole, they have added a par 3 in number 4.  It will be a relatively easy, based on yardage at 184 yards.  

The 5th has been shortened from a par 5 to a 449 yard par 4.  The 11th hole had some bunkers added to it as well to increase the difficulty.  

The Green Mile is going to be a great test.  16 will play as a 516 yard par 4 with water around the green.  17 will be a 223 yard par 3 over water to a green that appears to be hanging in the water.  18 is 494 yards with a creek that cuts across the fairway and then meanders up the left side of the hole.  A one shot lead isn’t safe when you get to 16 and have to finish with a great test of 3 holes.

There are not a lot of majors that they play on Bermuda grass.  Most majors are played on bent grass because you can get the speed faster and it is a more purer surface.  Bermuda rough is going to be fun too.  If balls go to the bottom of the rough in Bermuda it can be as hard on a player as the  inch US Open rough.  This is going to put a premium on driving the ball in the short grass and we think the winner will be the player who is number one in driving for the week.

Dads Say So the final major of the year is here.  We are really excited.  There are a lot of stories this week and as they all begin to unfold we will be able to crown another great champion at the end of the week.  We are looking forward to our daily round recaps to see what holes are playing tough and how the Green Mile will decide the the champion at weeks end.  


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