Golf Grips are the tires of your clubs.  They need to be in good shape and should be replaced annually.  Last night a friend of The Golfing Dads stopped by my house to have me re-grip his golf clubs. When he got here he was surprised about an easy trick that I did to help him with a dilemma.

He had bought some irons a while back and the clubs had mid-sized grips on them. When he ordered his new grips he ordered some standard sized ones.

While I’m taking the first grip off he says to me that he wished he had ordered the mid-sized grips because he really liked the larger grips. I looked at him and asked him if he wanted me to make the grips bigger for him and he looked at me and said, “you can do that?”

After laughing out loud at him I said sure all I need is some Duck Tape and we can make it happen. He said, “I know I’m from the South and Duck Tape fixes everything but what are you going to do make the grips fatter with Duck Tape?”

So after getting the Duck Tape out of the garage I pull the grip off with my hook razor blade I put a layer of Duck Tape on the shaft and put a layer of double sided tape over the Duck Tape I put some grip solvent in the grip, poured it over the tape and the grip slid right on.  He was really happy at how they turned out.  

Dads Say So PGA Tour Players like Bubba Watson increase the size of their grips (Bubba uses 15 tape wraps on his grips).  If you are looking to increase the size of your grips you can go through a lot of layers of double sided tape and it will cost a lot more money or you can be MacGyver and use Duck Tape to increase the size and make your re-grip job much easier.  

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