The Golfing Dads had a chance to play Ventrua Country Club recently. Located inside a gated community in the East Orlando area, the golf course offers you an opportunity to play an interesting layout. Designed by Mark Mahanna, this golf course is located minutes from Orlando International Airport and downtown Orlando off Curry Ford Road and State Road 436.

The pro shop staff was very friendly. They provided the appropriate attention and didn’t do several activities when waiting on a player. Equally as nice were the course workers. They made sure you had a cart and understood where you had to go to get to a specific tee. Around the course, Player Assistants were extremely courteous. We found the restaurant staff to be pleasant but service wasn’t the fastest. Food quality was good and prices seemed reasonable.
While there is a driving range at the course, we never saw it. As we understood, their driving range is located a good distance from the pro shop. As a result, we never used the range to loosen up.

There are 2 small practice greens near the club house. One offers players a chance to work on their chipping. There is a fringe and apron area to practice hitting chip or bump and run shots. Our experience was the area is too small to offer a meaningful chance to practice.

Ventura is not long offering 3 sets of tees ranging from Ladies and Men’s Forward tees (4,510 yards) to Blue tees (5,659 yards). From our experience, the holes did not overlap and a player had to keep the ball straight in front of them. Many holes were defined by trees and houses to give the player a tunnel appearance. There are 6 Par 3 holes on the course including the 16th hole that measures 216 yards from the back tees. This hole has water on both sides and a green that is slightly undulated. Holes 9 and 11 aren’t long (less than 150 yards) but have plenty of hazards around the greens. The remaining 3 Par 3 holes are a good test of golf with 2 measuring 186 yards and the third measuring 212 from the Blue tees. The Par 4 and 5 holes are somewhat unremarkable. They are not particularly long and are straight. On the day we played this course, we only used a 3-wood off the tees and probably could have gotten by with a 2-hybrid or 3 iron. Most shots into the greens were shot with an 8 or 9 iron. The 6th is their signature hole and has a very nice view from the tee boxes. Your initial shot requires the player to hit over water to a dog leg left fairway. Once in the fairway, however, players are able to shoot for the green as the hole only measures 467 yards from the Blue tees.

We found tee box quality fair. There were several tee boxes that need grass replaced and had dirt spots. It did not appear the maintenance staff moved the tee markers around very much. Fairways on the course were well maintained. A player could hit a shot from the fairway without have to move the ball to get a good lie. Yardage markers were for 200, 150, and 100 yards but difficult to find. Ventura’s rough played true to it’s description. Any ball hit into the rough settled down and was difficult to find. Once found, the ball was hard to advance due to the rough thickness. This was true along fairways and around greens. This made finding the fairway with a tee shot even more important as any shot that ended up in the rough almost became a penalty shot.

Green quality was fair and, unfortunately, similar to the putting green. On the greens that had grass, the putts were easy to read and control. There were several greens, however, that had bare spots. Several putts required we move the ball in order to have a putt that didn’t go over bare or repaired spots. In our group, we observed several putts hop before beginning to roll. Fringe areas around the green were well maintained. Players could opt to chip or putt from the fringe.

Dads Say So this golf course has many nice features. Four of the par 3 holes are challenging and fairway conditions were good. On the down side, tee and green conditions varied greatly. The rough was penalizing but that meant “hit the ball in the fairway”. For players looking to play a course and hit different shots, Ventura probably isn’t for you. We didn’t hit a driver all day as three wood was plenty of club off the tee due to the length of the holes. Ventura Country Club was a fun course to play and we found you could work on your iron game and ball striking on this fun and interesting layout. To book your next round at Ventura Country Club go to today.

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