Playing games in your group is something that most players do on the golf course. Most groups have their weekly game that they play when they get together to tee it up. We received a new game that combines golf and poker chips and you don’t have to be in Las Vegas to use it. It is called Vegas Golf VIP Edition.

Vegas Golf comes with 19 Poker Chips all with different things on them that can happen to you on the golf course. There is a chip for hitting the ball in the water, trees or lost ball for negative chips. There are positive chips for things like birdies, 3 pars in a row, eagle, and the ever elusive hole in one.

The Golfing Dads had a lot of fun testing this product.  There were points that in hitting approach shots the same chip got handed to 3 different players in the group.  The one thing that we found in using it the first time was it was difficult to remember when to hand out a chip.  This will become easier the more you use the chips.  

One of the better chips in the deck that we found was a Beer chip.  The rules for the beer chip are if you are on a par 3 and you are the furthest away from the hole you get the beer chip.  The next time the beverage cart comes around and your are holding the chip you have to buy the round of drinks for the rest of the group.  That is kinda fun and could be costly.

Dads Say So the Vegas Golf VIP Edition is a lot of fun to play.  We think that once you play it a few times with your normal group you will have no problem having fun and giving someone a hard time when you hand them a chip.  This could lead to a lot of trash talking when you go back and forth with the chips.  The first couple of times may be a little difficult to remember but trust us you will be fine and having a lot of fun with them soon.  To order yours go to and get yours for $29.95.   

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