Golf shoes are a matter of choice. There are so many styles from wing tip to sneaker style to spiked to spikeless that finding your favorite shoe can be very difficult.

A couple of weeks ago The Golfing Dads were alerted to a sale on golf shoes at Golf Galaxy. They had some clearance shoes that were marked down and then deeply discounted on top of that so we had to stop by and check out the deal.

One of the pairs of shoes that they had were a pair of either black or brown Ecco Tour Golf Hybrid’s. After trying on shoes we settled on these.

The shoes were regularly priced at $200 and were marked down to $109.95 on top of that they were an additional 40% off so they were $65! A deal that no one could pass up for Ecco shoes.

We chose the all black pair. The wing tip style shoe is spikeless. Straight out of the box they were incredible comfortable and we went 18 with them brand new and had no issues.

We really like the spikeless shoes and found them one of the most comfortable shoes we have every worn. This was our second pair of Ecco shoes and they have been consistently comfortable and never had an issue with them.

The only thing that we found negative about them was they were black and with shorts you need to have a pair of black ankle socks to wear with them. If you show up with white socks your playing partners may make fun of you, cause we know ours would.

Dads Say So the Ecco Men’s Tour Golf Hybrid shoes are amazing. We do suggest that if you can get your hands on a pair of them you do. We also love a great sale. If you find one you should let your friends know so everyone can take advantage of a great deal. If you can find a great deal on a great product we suggest you pick them up just like we did.

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