Have you ever been there?  On the driving range and they make you hit on the artificial grass mats.  Now you can’t hit a driver or any other club off a tee, unless you have a Tee Claw.  

The Tee Claw is one of the most amazing devices invented.  Sure it holds your tee when your practicing.  But it can do so much more than that.  Click Here to see us using the Tee Claw.

You can use the Tee Claw as an alignment aid and it is much smaller than the alignment stick in your bag.  It doesn’t take up as much space and attaches easily to the ground.  

The other thing that you can do with the Tee Claw is work on your take away and impact line.  You can align them in the right positions so there is one coming back from the ball and another one lined up on the line you are looking for coming into the ball and it will give you the visual you are looking for as you practice.  

You can also work on ball position and alignment with the Tee Claw in that you can have one set up straight for your feet and then a line set up for your ball position so you can work on your impact point very easily.  

Along with hitting balls you can work with the Tee Claw on your putting.  If you have enough Tee Claws you can set them up to show breaking putts or work on putting to a point that would break so you can work on controlling your speed.  This is another huge bonus.  

Dads Say So the Tee Claw is an amazing training aid that can be used very easily not what it was designed for.  There are times when you find a training aid that works more than the indented way to help you improve and this is one of those.  The Tee Claw is awesome.  It packs up small in your golf bag and doesn’t add any weight to it.  You don’t need an alignment stick cover to protect it and you can use it for multiple options to help make your golf game improve very easily.  To get yours go to teeclaw.com or golftrianingaids.com and order yours now.  At $14.99 we only wish more came in the pack.  So order at least 2!



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