There is only one moment of truth in the golf swing and that is impact!  Every once in a while someone develops a training aid that every golfer should own.  They don’t have to be complex and sometimes simple is better.  Dr Gary Wiren, a member of 6 different golf halls of fame and the Sr. Director of Golf for all Trump Golf Properties, developed one such item.  The Impact Bag.  Click here for our video reviewing the impact bag.  

To use the Impact Bag you fill it with towels.  The more towels you add the more resistance you will have when you hit the bag.  

The impact bag has the wording on it calling it “the moment of truth.”  This couldn’t be truer.  If you have the face open the bag will go out to the right.  If the face is shut the bag will go left.  The ideal when you hit one square and in the correct impact position you will hit the bag and it will go straight.  

As shown in the picture here you can put alignment sticks in the ground and hold the bag in place.  This will make it so you don’t have to chase it when you hit it.  A huge bonus for working on your swing and being more efficient.  

There are some other great drills that you can work on with the impact bag.  You can take one and put it in front of your front foot just in front to make sure you don’t hit it and make sure you’re not coming over the top.  This will help you work on keeping the ball on line and making lower scores.  

When you use the Impact Bag over and over you begin to develop the visualization of hitting it even when you are not using it, thus making a better impact position when you get on the course and are hitting that little white (or any other Volvik color) ball you use.  That visualization is awesome to help you improve.  

The Impact Bag develops a strong lead side that if you are right handed or left handed you get in a perfect position when you hit it correctly.  We think that this is the greatest training aid if no matter what side of the ball you play from.  

One of our favorite things about the impact bags is the noise it makes when you hit it.  It is really loud and if you are on the range everyone will know you are working on something.  The other great thing about it is you can use virtually anywhere and practice your swing and work on getting better.  

Dads Say So if you are trying to improve your impact position and make better contact you NEED to get the Impact Bag.  Dr. Wiren has developed the greatest training aid to make you hit the ball better and be more solid that is out there on the market.  The simplicity of it and ability to adjust it to your personal setting you need to go and see our friends at and order yours today.  For $36.99 you can’t spend better money on something that will help you improve and make you better right away.  

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