The team at Orange Whip has been busy working on another great device to make you better.  It is called the Orange Whip Wedge.  Click here to see our video review using the wedge in action.

At 35.5 inches long and 1.7 pounds the Orange Whip Wedge is designed, as stated on their web site,  with the following:

Orange Whip counterweighted flexible shaft system
Stan Utley inspired 56° wedge head
Promotes short game rhythm and feel
Trains solid contact for improved distance and accuracy
Develops sequencing of body, arms, and club head release
Enhances creativity and feel for shots around the green
Helps you understand how to conquer the yips

When we tested the wedge there were a couple things that we found.  First there is a warning label on there that you shouldn’t hit shots over 25 yards.  We agree with this as with as much flex as the shaft is it will be extremely difficult to control the wedge but also you could break the wedge.  

Secondly if you hit either thin or fat chip shots you NEED to buy this wedge to practice with.  It gives you great feedback and gets you in a great position to get better at hitting chip shots that will make you better.  Most amateurs waste a lot of shots around the green and the Orange Whip Wedge will allow you to practice any shots you want out of any lie but get good feedback as to what you are doing right or wrong.  

The Orange Whip Wedge retails for $119.00 and yes that does cost a lot but if you struggle with your chipping and this will help you improve you should go out and buy it.  

Dads Say So the Orange Whip Wedge is another great offering by the team at Jimmy Hack Golf.  With the whip in the shaft and the weighting of the wedge it will teach you to hit chip shots solid and help you score better.  The Orange Whip is the number one training aid in golf and this wedge has been designed to help you with your chipping and be very effective in making you a better chipper.  To order yours to improve your chipping you can go to or call our good friends at at 1-800-367-4279.  


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