There is a reason that the Orange Whip is the number one training aid in golf. Sure you can use it like a driver and swing it and create muscle memory, loosen up and stretch out the “golf muscles” but you can do so much more than that with it.  Click Here to check out our video using the Orange Whip for a couple of the things that you can use it for.  

For those of you who struggle because you don’t get a chance to practice in between rounds and you go out every week to play with your buddies you need to get an Orange Whip. Not just for swinging it in the front yard but also to use it’s added weight to do torso twists, putting it above your head and leaning to one side or the other to stretch, keeping your shoulders loose with different exercises and last but not least swinging it like your driver to not only keep the muscles loose but work on muscle memory in your swing.

Another great idea for the Orange Whip is to use it when you are playing in a scramble tournament. We have all been there where we get to a scramble, go to the range and then have the call to the carts and we get our instructions and then you are the “B” group on the tee so its been like 30 minutes since you’ve swung a club. This is when you grab your Orange Whip and give it a few swings and loosen back up so you are ready to rip that drive off your first tee.

The only downfall of the Orange Whip is the price. Depending on the size you order it can go from $99.99 to $109.99. While this is a lot of money for a training aid we feel its well worth it because it works.

Dads Say So there are a few training aids out there that will work equally as good for amateurs and professionals. The Orange Whip is at the top of the list of those training aids. It is no wonder it is the number one training aid the world over. To order your Orange Whip go to or visit our friends at and order yours today.

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