If you travel a lot you have been there. Get off your plane, go to baggage claim and your bags are no where to be found. You go to the airlines office and they can’t tell you where your bags are.

Well our friends at BirdieTown.com have figured out the best way for you to tell the person in the baggage claim office where your bag is so it will help them find it.  Its called LugLoc.  

LugLoc is a nifty little device that it about as big as your wallet and as skinny as your smart phone.   You can put it in a pants pocket in your suitcase or even in your golf ball pouch of your golf bag!

 To use LugLoc you download an app onto your device and pair it to your phone.  To pair the LugLoc to your phone you need to create and account in the app and when instructed you hold the LugLoc to the back of your phone and it connects via Bluetooth connection and your are ready to go.  We found this to be really easy! 

The LugLoc uses cellular towers to connect back to the app so it will show you where you luggage is located.  For us golfers this is great to throw into your golf travel bag when you are flying so it will give you the peace of mind to be able to show the airline where your bag is if it doesn’t arrive, making it easier for them to find and get reunited with you.  

If you are a business traveler, college student going to school out of state, have a big trip planned or just looking for that piece of mind when you travel you need to purchase the LugLoc.  

Dads Say So LugLoc is the greatest invention for traveling since the airplane.  As long as people are traveling by air luggage will be lost.  The airlines, most of the time, don’t have any clue where your luggage is.  Travelers need to take their control into their own hands and LugLoc puts it right in the palm of your hands, in your smartphone.  A device like this should go for hundreds of dollars but for only $69.99 you can have peace of mind as to where your belongings are.  Not only will the LugLoc be in our bags when we travel but were certain that this may be a gift idea for any of our friends and relatives who travel a lot.  Go to BirdieTown.com and get yours now.  

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