The 2017 US Senior Open was dominated by one player who on Wednesday that week put the Argolf Pendragon Putter in his bag. Today we tested that very putter and found out all of the magic about it. Click here for our video review of the putter.

First the putter is a mallet design putter and the model we tested had a Lamkin putter grip on it that felt great. The headcover that comes with it is a black leather one that has the Argolf logo and name stitched into it and best part of all has a magnetic closure. The Golfing Dads are big fans of the magnetic closure as they hold a lot better than the Velcro closures.  The milled grooves on the face make for an amazing feel with the putter and the alignment lines make it very easy to get the ball started on your intended target line. 

Four of us tested the putter today in a round of golf and after all of us tested it we all had some great results with it. We did find that you really need to make sure you do set your hands a head of the ball with the putter as if you don’t we found that putts came up short and right. Once we got our hands in the right position this putter was the best putter we have ever tested result wise. This is a good tip for players as we have a tendency to get our hands behind the ball when we putt and it will cause us to miss putts.

We found putts to have perfect pace on them every time no matter the length and we found it easier to start putts on line allowing us to be more aggressive when we putted. All of us rolled in putts over 20 feet with the putter today with ease. This is a great sign for a putter when you see a 20 handicap roll in a 25 foot putt with perfect speed and turn and have a really big smile on his face. We really wish we had video of that because it was a lot of fun to watch.

Many of us out there will only go to the shop and get a putter because everyone out on tour is using it.  That putter you are looking at may not be right for you.    If you are only looking for a putter because it has a major company brand name on it you are looking in the wrong spot.  You need to keep your options open when looking at putters to find the best one for you and your game.

Dads Say So there are 2 things in golf that are fun for everyone. 300 yard drives and holing putts. The Argolf Pendragon putter cant help you hit those 300 yard drives but it will bring smiles to your face and frowns to your playing partners faces as you make putt after putt and take their money. In our video review we said that the putter is “pretty amazing.”  Understand that the “pretty” was only because the only putter we have seen better was Al Czervic’s in Caddyshack that Albert Einstein gave him.  Seeing a 20 handicap roll in putts from all over tells us that this putter can help anyone improve.  The putter is $349, but today that is the going price for a putter, and as much as this putter can help you it is worth every penny. To get yours you can go to and order yours today, it may not help you win the US Senior Open but it may help you win your weekly match.  


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