Trophy’s with names are synonymous with championships.  In hockey you get the Stanley Cup, The NFL has the Lombardi Trophy, Golf and specifically the British Open, golfs oldest championship, has The Claret Jug.  

When the British Open first began they awarded a Challenge Belt that looked more like a smaller version of a WWE belt than it did an award for winning a tournament.  The Claret Jug was first awarded to Walter Hagan in 1928 and had his name engraved on it.  This is a tradition that has stood since then.   

The Claret Jug is 20.75 inches tall with the base, which is 7.25 inches in diameter at its widest. The jug itself is 5.5 inches in diameter at its widest. It weighs just 5.4 pounds.

A few years ago, 2009 to be exact, Steve was out having dinner at a local restaurant and the Wilson Golf Tour Rep had Padrig Harringtons Jug for winning the British Open the last time it was held at Royal Birkdale in 2008.  As you see in the picture it was a really cool experience.  

Along with winning The Claret Jug the Champion Golfer of the year also gets a Silver Medal that they get to keep.  The trophy has to be returned each year when you head back for the next Open Championship.  Tiffany’s will make a copy of the trophy for $10,000 for the players to keep in their house.  

Dads Say So the coolest trophy in golf is the Claret Jug.  The trophy has had more beverages in it than you can name.  And any trophy you can have a drink out of has to be a good one.  To be the Champion Golfer of the Year and get the Claret Jug is something that every golfer dreams about.  We can’t wait until Sunday to see who that next golfer to get their name engraved on the Jug is.  

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