On Friday we found out that the LPGA Tour has instituted a dress code for their players. Here are the new rules the players are going to have to play by.

Racerback with a mock or regular collar are allowed (no collar = no racerback)
Plunging necklines are NOT allowed.
Leggings, unless under a skort or shorts, are NOT allowed
Length of skirt, skort, and shorts MUST be long enough to not see your bottom area (even if covered by under shorts) at any time, standing or bent over.
Appropriate attire should be worn to pro-am parties. You should be dressing yourself to present a professional image. Unless otherwise told “no,” golf clothes are acceptable. Dressy jeans are allowed, but cut-offs or jeans with holes are NOT allowed.
Workout gear and jeans (all colors) NOT allowed inside the ropes
Joggers are NOT allowed

As we look at the rules the penalty associated with the is not a terrible one.  First violation is $1000 and then following violations will double in fees.  This could get expensive if someone wants to keep breaking the rules.  We have a feeling the players sponsors will not put them in that position and keep them within the rules.

The Golfing Dads think that the rules are ok.  Were not a fan of the joggers anyway so they should be banned.  

One of the rules we think that should be lifted on the men’s tour is the ability to wear shorts in practice rounds.  They allow them on the European Tour and they will be allowed at the PGA Championship.  

Dads Say So the rules for the LPGA Tour needed to be instituted because the clothing manufactures were starting to get close to the idea of what were golf clothes and what were workout clothes that people were wearing on the golf course.  The professional tours out there had either become too loose or too stringent with the rules as far as clothing. There is a happy medium where you can still look professional and classy and be comfortable while playing a round of golf.  

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