Many of us golfers struggle with remembering what you need to focus on when we play. It can be the reason for bad rounds or even worse, losing a match with the money is on the line.

ShoeTips is a very valuable training aid for any golfer who’s serious about lowering their score. This new golf accessory is a swing thought reminder system that boosts your mental game while you play. By putting reminders of just two important thoughts right where you’ll see them, just when you need them, ShoeTips helps you forget about distractions, concentrate, and perform better. Use ShoeTips on your shoes so you’ll be reminded to focus as you begin your swing routine, or hang them from your bag where they’ll be in view each time you select your club. Think of it as “The last thought before your shot!”

ShoeTips works by helping you calm your mind and reminding you to narrow your focus to just one or two thoughts as you prepare your shot. It’s a concept that’s supported by neuroscientific research and echoed by many of golf’s greatest players, instructors, coaches, sport psychologists, and even Eastern philosophy. It boils down to this:

Regardless of a person’s skill level, if you can focus on, and become fully absorbed in the task at hand, with nothing left over for worry or doubt, you’ll achieve a state of peak performance.

The ShoeTips package includes everything you need to improve your game:
• Two base clips that slide snugly over your shoelaces.
• A yellow Bagtag, if you prefer to see your reminders on your golf bag.
• A loop to attach the Bagtag to your golf bag.
• 18 interchangeable, familiar swing thought labels that slide onto the base clips.
The labels and base clips are durable and weatherproof and you can write your own custom tips with an indelible marker on the reverse side.
• A storage ring to carry the labels and base clips when not in use.
• A booklet with detailed instructions and simple definitions for each swing thought.
Now you’re ready to play a more confident and enjoyable round of golf!

Dads Say So Shoe Tips are a great training aid to help you remember what it is you need to focus on to hit quality golf shots. Tour players write their swing thoughts down in their yardage books for them to remember their thoughts that they have before they hit a golf shot, ShoeTips give the average golfer the ability to remember what each of us need to remember as we take the club away and hit the next perfect shot. To get your ShoeTips today go to and order yours today!

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