Yesterday I got an email from the Tournament Director at one of our favorite clubs in the area Shingle Creek. He was letting me know that one of our favorite tournaments that we have posted about, Monday After the Majors, had been canceled.

The Golfing Dads have loved playing in these events since last year after the British Open. We came in 4th in our first 2 tries. After the website was founded we offered to donate some of the items that we reviewed as give aways for the raffle drawing that took place at the luncheon. We were also the beverage koozie sponsor as the events were open beverage cart.

The reason the tournament was canceled was the Ackerman and O’Neill on SportsTalk 1080 in Orlando was canceled. This was the PM drive time show. The radio station recently changed ownership and they owners got rid of everyone in Orlando.

Dads Say So we are really disappointed about this outcome. We really liked playing in these tournaments as they were a lot of fun to play in, we met a lot of great people and the tournament hosts couldn’t have been any more gracious as they are even better people than they were sports talk hosts. We hope that someone in the area will pick up the void and bring these tournaments back on the calendar because we know that others liked playing in them as much as we did.

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