Its the summer here in Central Florida and playing golf here, just like most of the country, involves dealing with the heat if you want to play.  There are a lot of things out there that you can get to make it more bearable on the course.

If your hands tend to sweat wearing a glove is always a bonus, but if you need to get something else to help you can purchase a rosin bag at many golf specialty stores as well as some of those big box sporting goods stores that sell baseball equipment.  Your friends may make fun of you for looking like a Major League Baseball pitcher but your hands will be dry and you won’t have to worry about the club coming loose in your hands when you tee off.  

There are many companies out there like Frogg Toggs who make the Chilly Pad.  This is a chamois towel that you put into your cooler on your cart and when you get hot you take it out and you can wipe down your arms, legs face and neck.   We like taking it out and wrapping it around our necks in between shots to keep you cool.   Frogg Toggs also makes some other products that do the same thing. Many golf specialty shops sell these now but you can also find them at Wal-Mart.

If you have problems being in the sun and need some UV sleeve protection but think that you are going to be too hot by wearing them you need to go out and get the Ice Rays Solar Sleeves.  We did a review of them earlier and Mike has to wear them on the course and will only wear his Ice Rays Sleeves when he plays because they keep his arms cooler than even the air temperature.  Don’t believe us, just try them out for yourself at

The Golfing Dads are big fans of making sure we stay hydrated on the golf course.  Drinking water or sports drinks are the way to go.  Soda will dehydrate you so make sure you are preparing for your day a head of time and if you don’t bring a bottle of water or a sports drink with you make sure you hit up the cart girl and prepare yourself for the heat.  

There are a few courses out there that have a personal air conditioner in the cart for you while you play.  Steve has only played one of them but it was a really cool experience.  As long as you were sitting in the cart there was a unit that had a hose that blew cold air on the back of your neck and kept you cool.  It was better than having a caddy!

Many of the courses in Central Florida have adopted the practice of having their on course rangers equipped with a cooler that has chilled towels in them to give out to players.  This is a nice touch and sometimes they have them soaked in a fruit flavor so they will leave you with a citrus smell that always smells better than sweat!  

Dads Say So we always make sure we are wearing a dry fit shirt to keep our body temperatures down as well as being covered in sun block to protect us from the harmful UV Rays from the sun.  Living in Central Florida we have to accept the fact that it is going to be hot when we play in the summer time.  We have figured out different stuff out there to help us enjoy it and if you like to play in the heat we do suggest making it as comfortable as possible so get out there, play and enjoy your round.  

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