This year Cleveland Golf rolled out their RTX-3 wedges.  There was some new technology in the wedges and we couldn’t wait to get them in our hands to test them out.  

Cleveland is the number one manufacturer in wedges and it is for great reason.  The put a ton of time in the design to make sure they are putting the best product in not only the tour players hands but yours too.  

The wedges we tested were a 54º and 58º black satin with the low bounce.  They had stiff KBS Tour 120 shafts and GolfPride MMC grips on them.  

This year the engineers moved some of the weight from the hosel and into the sweet spot.  This allows for a more solid feel at impact and we found gave us more consistency from shot to shot.  We found them to be more consistent in the distance traveled as well chipping around the green.  

The new look of the wedges is amazing.  We had many people looking in our bag just to pull the wedges out and get a look at them.  They have such a great look to them!

The Golfing Dads are big fans of the black satin look as if you play early or late in the day there is no reflection in your eyes from the rising or setting sun.  Its a really good look and the clubs look really clean.  The wedges also come in chrome, satin and a tour grind version that will rust out for more spin.  They have cavity back versions as well.  

Cleveland offers 3 varieties of bounce options on the wedges as well.  We tested the low bounce but they also offer the wedges in a mid and high bounce option.  This is great so that you can select the right bounce for the conditions that you play.   

The face still has the RTX grooves on them and they have the ROTEX micro milling on the face.  The combination makes for amazing control of the golf ball not only on full swings but on those delicate ones around the greens.  

Dads Say So depending on the amount of golf you play wedges need to be replaced more often than any club in your bag.  Worn grooves will lead to lack of control and your ability to spin the ball to control the distance.  With all of the technology that goes into each and every Cleveland Golf Wedge you need to not only check them out but you need to add them to your bag.  There is a reason that they are the most popular wedge on Tour and the most popular wedge in golf.  The Golfing Dads believe in Cleveland Golf Wedges and you should too.  If you order yours at you have the ability to even custom the wedges to your favorite look so you can’t go wrong.  At $129 a wedge base price they are priced right to be added to everyone’s bag!

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