Back when Steve was playing competitively he used the Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball.  There was a lot of testing involved to find the best ball for his game and a lot of time spent hitting shots on the course with different balls to see what allowed for the best results in not only distance but control and feel.  

Earlier this year Srixon launched their newest version of the Z-Star XV ball and were here to tell you that they didn’t disappoint.  These balls are awesome.  

The 4 piece ball has their patented spinskin technology which adds great grip to an already amazing golf ball.  They come in both Tour White and Tour Yellow if you are looking for a yellow ball with all of the tour ball benefits.  

The New Z-Star XV has great distance and the ability to stop on a dime when you hit those high soft approach shots into greens.  The ball does fly a little higher than we found with the Z-Star but you don’t sacrifice the ability to cut through the air at all.  

Around the green the Z-Star XV is great.  Being a little firmer than its counterpart, the ball will not grab quite as easily but it allows you to hit the 2 hop and grab shot and watch it release to the hole.  Out of the sand we found the ball to perform as we expected it to and could still be aggressive but the ball would still hold.  

We did find about a 5 yard increase in a well struck shot with the Z-Star XV with the irons.  This is great as it allows you to gain about a half a club in your shots into greens, allowing you to be more aggressive to make more birdies.  

Dads Say So over the last three days we have looked at the Srixon line up of golf balls.  Mike has his new ball with the Q-Star Tour and now today Steve is going to be upgrading to the new Z-Star XV.  For us we have found these to be the best balls on the market and we think that you are going to find the same thing that we found.  Srixon may not be the biggest name in golf ball manufacturing in America but they are the biggest name in Asia.  They make some great quality golf balls and you should have them in your bag like we do.  The Z-Star XV retail for $39.99 a dozen and sometimes the local retailers will sell them buy 3 get 1 free.  

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