This morning Jon Rahm was caught up in a rules issue that was very reminiscent of the Lexi Thompson ruling that everyone was up in arms about.

On the 6th hole today Rahm hit a lag putt and when he marked his ball he appeared to mark it on the side of the golf ball.  He then moved his mark and when he moved it back it appears that he replaces the ball at the top of the mark not the side of it.  

Rahm’s hand is in the way so you can see for certain based on the camera angle but it doesn’t look like it is replaced in the same spot.  Rahm met with Andy McPhee, the head rules official for the European Tour, and after a conversation there was no penalty assessed. 

There are a lot of conversations on social media about the fact that Lexi was given a 4 stroke penalty but since then the rules have been rewritten and there has to now be “intent” on the players actions.  Was Rahm trying to get a competitive advantage?  Probably not, it was probably more of a “this is what I always do” moment but this doesn’t sit right with us.  

We think that you will be surprises about the part that doesn’t sit right though.  We don’t like the rule as it is written.  As we have stated before it left too many grey areas that are not addressed.  There now has to be “intent” and just that word being there allows for circumstances just like this.  So now all of us are stuck here debating the rule again…

Dads Say So we are happy that Jon Rahm won by enough strokes that a penalty assessed didn’t matter.  We would have loved to seen him go to a rules trailer and at least watch the video before signing his card to explain what happen while watching it.  While the idea of the rules of golf is to protect the field with the way the new rules have been written there is no way they can protect the field.  The rules should be black and white not filled with “intent” as to a yes or no was something broken.  In trying to correct the Lexi Thompson incident they have over corrected with a confusing rule that is just going to cause more debate and turmoil.  Thank you to the USGA and R&A for clarifying this mess and making it more confusing!

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