We had an opportunity to review the Srixon Z-Star golf ball and were very impressed.  This ball is amazing and its no wonder why so many professionals play it.

The Z-Star is a three piece golf ball with unmatched tour performance for the everyday player.   We found the ball to live up to all of the claims that Srixon makes.  The ball had a great ball flight that would go through the wind with ease.  

We didn’t find we were sacrificing any distance with the Z-Star as we found it to roll out a little more than say the Z-Star XV so both balls went the same distance.  This is great if you play firm and fast golf courses as it will increase the roll out for you.  

Green side the Z-Star was amazing.  The softer ball was easier to be more aggressive with so you could fly the ball further and get it to stop easier next to the flag.  This is a huge advantage if you like to play aggressive and could lead to holing more chip shots.  Out of the sand we found this ball to have a lot of bite and plenty of control.

 Dads Say So the Srixon Z-Star is an awesome golf ball that has all of the benefits of a tour golf ball in a three piece ball.  The ball has amazing feel but doesn’t come up short in the distance department like many other softer golf balls struggle with.  If you are looking for a tour golf ball and are not looking at the Z-Star you are missing out.  This ball is the real deal!

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