This year Srixon launched 3 new golf balls for every player out there.  Srixon as a company has a great business plan when it comes to launching balls and equipment in that they will launch them every two years and when they launch them they never disappoint with an amazing product.  The new Q-Star Tour is no different.  

The 2017 edition is an awesome 3 piece ball.  It does have a lower compression but the feel with it is amazing.  Off the driver the ball has a very penetrating ball flight and rolls out.  We found the ball to fly much further off the irons and hybrids and found a bigger distance gap if you had a slower swing speed.  Mike gained almost 15 yards a club with his 85 mph swing speed and found the ball to hold better for him around the greens.  

The ball flight from the fairways was a little higher but we found the control to be much better once we figured out the distance.   When you are testing golf balls figuring out the distance can be a little tricky but once you do you will get the best results on the course.

Around the greens we found the ball to be very responsive.  Chip shots flew the distances you were looking for and the control when they landed was great.  The feel with them putting was great and easy to control.  

Dads Say So we found the Q-Star Tour Ballto be awesome.  They have taken the ball for the average player and given it tour ball qualities so that it will improve the average players game.  If you are in the market for a new golf ball and have a slower swing speed and you are not considering the Srixon Q-Star Tour you are crazy.  You need to head to your local retailer and pick up a dozen or two.  If you already play the Q-Star you need to upgrade to the Tour and if you don’t you will find yourself a new go to golf ball.  For $29.99 a dozen you are going to improve your game! To find out more you can also click here!

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