Over the weekend at the US Senior Open Bernhard Langer was questioned by the USGA officials as to weather or not his putter was anchored to his body. This anchoring debate has been ongoing since the USGA enacted the changes to the rules of golf.

Brandel Chamblee from The Golf Channel has been very vocal about players violating the rule and trying to get away with it. Every chance he gets he is right there on TV or his social media accounts to complain about what the players are doing.

The problem with Chamblee’s argument is at no point he has said anything about the proof.  Is Langer’s arm locked into his body, its close and difficult to tell, but is the putter touching him, every video we have seen it doesn’t appear to be.  The rule states that you can’t have the putter or your arm locked into your body creating a pivot point.  

The bigger problem with this is the rule itself.  The USGA and R&A let something go on for 30 years before they determined it was a problem.  When they determined the problem they made a rule that  didn’t make a lot of sense because how do they enforce it?  They limit the length of the driver and the size of it but they won’t do it with the putter?  That makes sense.  

There have been a lot of reports of players on tour not naming names but accusing certain players of breaking the rules.  All of this started after the stupid ruling that was assessed to Lexi Thompson that the USGA should have addressed years ago about allowing spectators to call in but even when they addressed it they left it too vague again.  

The problem is there are people writing the rules and then attempting to enforce them thinking that they understand what it is like to be inside the ropes playing at the highest level when none of them have ever been there.  Maybe its time to bifurcate the rules of golf once and for all and make the rules different for Tour Players and amateurs.  

Dads Say So we were not in agreement with the anchoring ban when it was introduced and feel like the game of golf is better when certain players are in contention and we have seen many of those players struggle since then in competition.  TV personalities acting like they are gods gift to themselves and have reckless regard  for the players who are still able to compete at this level needs to stop.  People like Chamblee are sticking their nose in the mix and organizations like the USGA respond in a knee jerk reaction to bring Langer in and put it in his mind that even though he isn’t breaking a rule they are watching, thus making him question his approach.  We wish there could be a year that went by without a rules question getting in the middle of an event!

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