The Golfing Dads stick to the motto that “It’s the Indian not the Arrow” when it comes to golf equipment. We think that if you practice enough with what you have that you will be fine and many times its not the equipment but the lack of practice.

That is, except for the putter. There are times that all of us need to really just put the current putter aside and end up getting a new look that will trigger more confidence which allows you to make more putts.

This week at the US Senior Open Kenny Perry put a new putter in his bag on Wednesday. Yes we said WEDNESDAY, the day before the tournament started and had his best putting week in years and used it to propel him to a -16 total and it was a putter than many of you have not even heard of and were here to tell you that not only do you need to hear about them but you need to look at getting one in your bag too.

The company is Argolf and it is their Pendragon Putter. The mallet style putter “is custom milled putter, standing out for its superb precision on the greens. This putter is very stable and balanced, providing a consistent and precise feel” as stated on our friends at

If you don’t want to take their word listen to what Kenny Perry told Curtis Strange in his post round interview. “I putted great this week. Its the Argolf Putter. I just put it in on Wednesday and I grabbed it the next thing you know I’m making putts and holing putts all over the place and shoot 16 under par. ”

Dads Say So that we think that perfect practice will make you better but sometimes you need to rebuild your confidence. Sometimes that means changing the putter out. Not only at the amateur level but also at the highest level as we saw this week. We have a great partnership with and hope that in the next week or so we have a Argolf Pendragon Putter to review to show you how it will help your game just like Kenny Perry’s. If you need to order it before then go to and order yours today. It may not help you win the US Senior Open but it may help you win your money match, weekly league or club championship.

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