This year at the PGA Merchandise Show Callaway debuted their new Epic line of drivers and fairway woods.  The new design had the “Jailbreak” technology that reduced the con-caving of the face, thus increasing the ball speed but not the spring effect off the face.  

A couple weeks ago Steve won a new driver by winning a tournament which he traded in for the Sub Zero model of the Epic.  He was already carrying a Callaway ER Pro (the 2015 model) and was excited to see how the new technology was going to effect the golf ball!

The model he got was a 9º Sub Zero with an Aldila Rogue MAX extra stiff 75 gram shaft.  The weights were put in with the heavier (12 gram) weight towards the face and the smaller (2 gram) weight in the back of the club. 

After hitting golf balls in the simulator the shop the carry distance and spin rate were really good on the display so when we took it out to the range and then golf course we left the settings there.  We did adjust it a little bit on the range with the loft to see how it performed but understand that when you are testing a club on a simulator in a shop they have them adjusted to benefit them in selling clubs and it’s really easy to hit a driving range as you can land a 747 on them usually.  

When we went out to the course we found the ball flight to be a touch lower than the XR but we felt like the golf ball stayed in the air a lot longer and the carry distance was greater.  It wasn’t until we adjusted the loft to 10º that we got optimal ball flight and had a club that was easier to control.  The ball flight was amazing and the ball seemed to just stay in the air.  

Just a tip for you amateurs out there…If you struggle when you miss hit a ball in a low slicing or hooking ball flight your loft may be too low and you will find your miss hits go straighter if you increase the loft and you will find yourself lowering your scores. 

When you purchase an adjustable driver you need to spend some time finding the optimal settings for you to hit it.  Tour players hit theirs so good because they spend hours hitting them with different settings on them so they find the best club for them.  

Once we found the right specifications for the Epic Sub Zero we found this driver to easily outperform the old reliable one.  It looks great and goes a mile in the air.  If you are looking at the Sub Zero and you already have a lower spin rate on your driver we suggest putting the loft at 10º or higher to be most successful for you.  

Dads Say So we are big fans of Callaway drivers and were really excited to be able to add the Epic Sub Zero to the bag.  The Jailbreak technology is amazing and truly an advancement in the driver and fairwary wood technology.  If you are in the market for a new driver and not considering the Epic you are crazy.  To add a club that will add distance and accuracy (when set correctly) means you can be really aggressive on the tee box and give yourself more chances to make birdies.  Yes the driver has a price tag of $499 but it really can be a difference maker when put in your bag.    

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