There are more training aids out there to help you with putting than any other area to improve.  It is for good reason.  Putting is something that you can improve in your living room, office, garage or hotel room if you are traveling.  

There is a device out there that will allow you to do all of this and it will fit in your front pocket.  Its the EyePutt. This simple device should be used to give you a quick fix right before a round or if your are out there practicing in the middle of your round and want to make sure your eye position is right and your head isn’t moving this is the item for you.  

The instructions that it comes with tell  you to start at  3 feet and work back from there.  This is the best idea.  It allows you to get comfortable and build confidence and work on keeping your head still and staying over the ball.  

Dads Say So that the EyePutt is a great training aid for beginners.  If you are learning to play and struggle getting over the golf ball and keeping your head still you need to get the EyePutt.  Its compact size is great to keep on you to practice and it does come in multiple colors.  To get your EyePutt for $19.99 click here or go visit our friends at and get yours today! 

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