If you watch any PGA Tour event you will see players and caddies alike have some pretty cool yardage book covers.  One of the coolest is the American Flag design you will see the Ryder Cup and President Cup Team Members carry. It is the RWB Captain America Cover from T.I.N. Box Partners and were here to tell you that we are very impressed by it.  

First, the exterior construction is really cool.  No matter how you are holding it you can see the American Flag.  The white stripes are leather and the Red Stripes along with the Blue Field and the Stars are embroidered.  The construction is great.   

Inside, you will find a leather construction with the bottom and top made of leather so you can put the pages in them when you are done with that page.  There is also a leather pencil holder for you that keeps the pencil out of the way, behind the yardage, and holds it very securely so it wont fall out.  There are straps that hold the top part of the yardage book in place.  

The only thing that we found when testing is that if you are using a wider yardage book the leather part of the holders is too narrow for you to slide the book into so you just use the elastic straps to hold the book in place and there was no issue at all.  This isn’t a reason to not buy the cover at all.  The awesomeness of this cover in showing off your patriotism makes it a slam dunk.  

The cover also comes with a blank yardage book in it so you can make your own if your a prepping for a tournament and they don’t have a yardage book.  In it are also some generic green layouts for you to include the slope on the greens so your are best prepared to tackle the course. 

If you play in a humid part of the country you need to have a cover to protect your yardage book from sweat in your back pocket.  This will do that for you and you will be the envy of all of your friends who wish they could have one too.  

Based on the construction of this, the retail price is $125.  This may seem a little high for you golfers who are looking for a bargain but you get what you pay for and to get something with this much quality at such a great price.  

Dads Say So we are very impressed by the RWB Captain America Yardage Book Cover.  The best advertising for this is to see all of the PGA Tour Players and Caddies using it in action week in and week out.  It is a true testament of showing off your patriotism in your back pocket and will be the envy of your friends.  It’s great construction and superior look make it a great gift idea as well for that special someone who has everything.  On their website, tinboxpartners.com, you can order a custom made yardage book cover as well.  They will cost you a little more but for a one of a kind cover you can’t go wrong.  

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