The player caddy relationship on the PGA Tour seems to last as long as a John Daly marriage (he is on his 5th). This is what made the length of Phil Mickelson and his caddy Jim “Bones” Mackay.

Bones has been on the bag for 25 years and was the longest tenured caddy on the PGA Tour. There have been a lot of heartaches in those 25 years but also a lot of celebrating.

Bones has been on the bag for all of his wins except when Phil was still a college student and won the Phoenix Open. He has caddied in 11 straight Ryder Cups. That may be the most impressive stat of all.

Mickelson has said before that Bones only gets to veto one shot a year, this has lead to him having a front row seat for some of the greatest and some of the head scratching shots of all time on tour.

Our guess is that Bones was on salary. The customary caddy pay out is $15,000 a week and 5% for a made cut and 10% for a win. There are a lot of guys on tour who have their caddy on salary. Tiger, Rory and a few others all have their caddy on salary. There are stories of Vijay demanding his caddy meet him on the range at Sawgrass on Christmas Day so that he could practice (his caddy quit on that one).

Phil is going to finish out the year with his brother on his bag. We don’t see that lasting much past the end of the year. His brother, Tim, is Jon Rahm’s agent so juggling both could be difficult.

As for the statements they released, they sounded very PR’ish and wonder what more is there too this? Were sure there was a legal disclosure so we will never no but for no we will wish them both luck in their futures.

Dads Say So earlier this year Lydia Ko fired her caddy after 8 events. For Bones to make it 25 years is kind of a miracle in the caddy circuit. Bones is a great caddy and always had his mans back. Were certain that he will not be with out a bag on tour for long. One thing we do know, in looking back at the last 25 years together it was a pretty amazing run of success.  Congrats to both of them!

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