Normally we type these posts from the group of us but I, Steve, am going to write a story today about growing with my amazing Dad. .

Growing up I started learning how to play golf from his grandfather, just like his Dad, Mike, did. Golf has been a lot of memories in the McMillan household and many of those memories come from playing golf as a family.

Growing up in Western Massachusetts summer months were reserved for playing golf. Friday nights were reserved for Mike, my grandfather and I going out and playing golf at our local muni. This is where I would learn how to play the game and work his way around the golf course and most importantly learn how to have fun.

As a parent now, to Jackson and Luke, I can’t wait until I can spend my Friday Nights and Father’s Day playing golf not only with my boys but also my Dad Mike, their grandfather.

I think back a lot to those days as a child with my grandfather showing me how to grip and swing a golf club and look forward to the day where Jackson and Luke look to my Dad for that same advice (cause we know they wont listen to their father).

As I sit here and type this I do want to say thank you to my Dad, Mike. All of the sacrifices, being there for me, being the best friend I could ever ask for and the greatest golf partner in the entire world anyone could ask for. Jackson and Luke are lucky to have you as their grandfather and the person they are going to have their memories of playing late night golf and looking up to you as the greatest golfer they know.

As I reflect on this Father’s Day, it is great to know that I am a Dad to 2 of the most amazing little guys in the world (I’m slightly partial) but I also want to say that I hope that I will end up being half as great of a Dad as my Dad, Mike, has been! Thanks Dad and Happy Father’s Day!

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