As play concluded in round 1 of the 2017 US Open on Thursday there were some surprises.  There were also a a few things that were not a surprise to anyone!

First the non surprises.  Phil withdrew first thing in the morning.  This shouldn’t have come to a surprise to anyone.  He should have not even made it a mystery and withdrawn 2 weeks ago when the topic came up. Enough on that, lets talk about what happened on the course.  

Our second non surprise was how difficult the fescue grass was.  If a player hit it in there and he could make it to the green he wasn’t going to be able to hold it on the green so he had no chance.  Most players were forced to play a chunk shot out of them and try to get them to trundle as far down the fairway they could.  

A non surprise that was kind of a surprise was finding Rickie Fowler’s name atop the leaderboard.  His name being there shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, the surprise however was his score of – 7!  This was an awesome score considering the set up the USGA had for the course.  

Speaking of the course set up and surprises, the scores for Rory McIlroy and Jason Day, two of the favorites this week, come as a surprise to us.  Rory was off to a great start with an eagle on 2 but quickly fell back finishing at +6 and Day finished at +7!

The players went out this morning had a much easier go of the but there were a couple of the guys in the afternoon who made the best of it and put themselves in a great spot, hoping to get the better conditions Friday morning.  Paul Casey and Xander Schauffle played awesome golf.  

Dads Say So this was a great day for golf and scoring conditions were optimal today.  As we saw 59 players at par or better and that is very different than your typical US Open set up. We are not going to predict a winner tonight but this is setting up to be a fun three rounds as players jockey for the trophy.  Were sure that the USGA is going to do everything they can to toughen up the course.  That will make it fun to see where the winning score ends up.   

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