The US Open is back at a public venue and Erin Hills is a test of golf.  This golf course has been through a lot in a short amount of time and was built to host a US Open and this week we will all get to see it.  

This course is going to a rough test.  The fairways are a little wider but if you get off them the rough is 4-5 inches and and if you get past that you have knee to waist deep thick fescue.  With the rain they are getting the grass is going to grow teeth and make advancing the ball out of it nearly impossible.  

Kevin Na posted a video this week about the conditions and how penalizing the fescue it.  There is the answer “don’t hit it there” and it may be a tough demand and we are going to see how the players do at this.  The last three winners of the US Open were either number 1 or 2 in scrambling and you can probably expect the same this week.  

The hole we are most excited about is the 9th hole.  It can play as short as 135 yards and will be a fun one to watch.  

The bunkers are also going to be fun to watch this week. They look more like a bunker you would find at the British Open and will give players some funky lies.  It may make getting the ball close to the hole very difficult.  

Dads Say So we are very excited for Erin Hills and the US Open.  Obviously, finishing in Father’s Day is great in our book.  This is going to be a fun and exciting week and with the conditions of the course it is going to be tough for us to pick a winner.  We also like the USGA going to a public course that any of us can go and play.  It should be interesting to see what would happen should the leader on Sunday afternoon it a ball in the fescue and not be able to find it.  We will leave it at that.

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