At The Memorial Phil Mickelson said that he would skip the US Open if it meant that he couldn’t see his daughter graduate.  This is a noble thing to do and the right thing to do but how it has been handled since then is mind blowing. 

Phil has not yet withdrawn and the USGA did him a favor, maybe the first time the USGA did any golfer a favor, and gave Phil the 3rd to last tee time on Thursday.  IF there is a weather delay on Thursday there is a chance that Phil can go to his daughters graduation and still fly in on time for the tournament.  

Lets go back to the beginning.  First question needs to be asked is why didn’t Phil make a “donation” to his daughters school to move the graduation?  Or better yet pay for a new venue?  Is money tight since the Feds made him pay back the $1 million from insider trading? We seriously doubt it.  He could have easily had the graduation moved to the weekend before or better yet the Tuesday after (just in case there was an 18 Monday playoff).

The other good thing the USGA did this week was to allow the alternates to play practice rounds.  Every other year they were not allowed to play them but this year the players in the field.  This will allow the player, who ever is the alternate, to see the golf course and play the course so Thursday wont be the first time they see the course.  

Dads Say So we actually think Phil is making the right decision.  Kudos to him for not throwing down the money and his celebrity status and not getting the graduation moved just for his benefit.  Family comes first and when you think back over the years to Phil and Payne Stewart in the US Open at Pinehurst and Phil’s caddy carrying a beeper in case Amy went into labor.  Phil is doing the right thing by putting his family before his quest for the career grand slam.  Good for Phil for being there for his family and we hope he has a great time listening to his daughter give her speech as the class president!

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