This post is about giving back.  Almost every day in America there is a scramble at somewhere that is going to have that will benefit a great charitable organization.  Today, Steve was lucky enough to play in the 2017 Christel House Open in Orlando.  

Christel House transforms the lives of impoverished children around the world – breaking the cycle of poverty and building self-sufficient, contributing members of society.  It is the primary sponsor for RCI, the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world.  

Today’s event was a great display of what Christel House can do for children.  Two of the children from India who are in the Christel House program were on hand and even gave a speech at the awards ceremony.  It was awesome to see these high school aged children get up and speak and show everyone how hard they are working at making a difference.  

On the golf course we had a blast.  There were a couple things that you could pay for in advance including in that you could get 4 mulligans, which were actually 4 shots taken off your score not true mulligans.  This kept play moving so that players were not playing shots over and over again.    

Our 17th hole included one of the local attractions, Gatorland, with an alligator on the tee box and on the green every player got to do a gator toss (a stuffed animal gator so don’t panic).  We actually hit our tee shots and one of the players in the group one hopped the gator into the hole so we walked away with a net hole in 1.  There was even an Audi convertible for a hole in one prize. 

There some great gifts just for playing.  Everyone got a laptop backpack, some new golf towels,a new belt, a new golf shirt or jacket from FootJoy and a new golf glove.  Our team ended up winning with a score of -20.  For winning we won a very nice trophy, Apple Watch 2 and a new driver.  

Dads Say So first and foremost we love playing in charity scrambles as they are always for a great cause.  Christel House does a lot of good all around the world for children.  Steve had a lot of fun today.  Of course winning makes everything better but it was a lot of fun.  We do suggest playing in as many of these as you can to go out and have fun.  Sure the play is slower but it gives you time to enjoy the company and have some good laughs.  

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