We all can attest to the fact that our wives don’t like to walk into the kitchen and see our clubs hanging out in a sink full of water waiting for us to clean them better than we have helped her clean the house. Our clubs are important to us and how we treat them is just as important.

Fortunately for us, and our wives happiness, they have invented the Caddy Clean. There is no more need for us to fill the sink to clean our clubs now that we have the Caddy Clean. It has a spray bottle that we fill with water and then spray the face of the club and use the scrub brush for your irons or the scratch free scrub pads for your hybrids and woods. Your clubs will look like new and give you that confidence for your next shot.

For those of you looking for those deep groove cleaning that you tend to use your tee for there are brass grove scrapers to make sure you get that deep groove clean. We found this to be an amazing addition to the Caddy Clean. It really got into the grooves and cleaned any excess dirt out of them so that you could make sure the are ready for your next shot.

There is a tether hook so that you can attach it to your golf bag and take it with you on the course to make it easy out there to clean your clubs as well.  This will save you from spitting on your clubs or towel and will ensure that you have the freshest grooves all round long!

Dads Say So that that the Caddy Clean is a great accessory so you don’t have to worry about having a wet towel, using your spit or aggravating your wife with your clubs in the kitchen sink. We are a big fan of the brass groove scrapers to get your grooves ready for that next shot. For $24.99 it is your own personal Caddy when you don’t have the luxury that the tour players have to get your clubs clean between shots. Unless you have your own personal Caddy go to Caddy-Clean.com and pick one up. Your clubs, and your wife, will thank you!

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