The Golfing Dads had a chance to get out and play some golf this week and when we got to the golf course we found out it was going to be “cart path only.”  These may be the three worst words in golf!

Sure “you’re still up” is a very close second but if you are still out it wont cause pain and misery for days!  Cart Path Only means its wet.  Really Wet.  So wet that a golf cart can’t go off the path with fear that it is going to damage the golf course and maybe get stuck.  

The worst part isn’t the walking…its the walking on wet fairways and trying not to slip so it is more difficult walk and not trip.  This makes you sore and tires you out much quicker than walking 18 holes under dry conditions.  

Dads Say So when you live in places that get a lot of rain like we do, Central Florida in the summer time, we will have a lot of days where we have cart path only golf.  While we may not like it we do understand the why and so should everyone out there.  We may rather walk and use a push cart (cause carrying can get heavy, lol) but many courses wont let us do that.  This time of year we need to deal with it and accept it and look at the positives…you’re playing golf and that makes for a great day!


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