The Golfing Dads never thought that we would start a great review of a putter saying that it comes with an instruction manual but the Cure CX2 Putter does. We’re here to tell you that you need to read it so that you have the correct weight for you to putt best with.

Cure Putters is based out of Jacksonville, FL and they have figured out how to make a putter that you can adjust the weight accordingly with an allen wrench and taking the threaded screws out of the back of the putter. It is a great concept and with the weighting configured correctly it is a great putter.   By adjusting the weights it allows you to use a putter weighing 334 grams (zero screws) up to 376 grams (6 screws). The pictures in the instruction manual show you the set up and wight configuration and where you need to take the weights out from to get the correct weight and balance.  Cure does suggest that you keep the weights even on each side to make sure the face stays balanced!  

The CX2 putter is an aluminum blade style putter with the shaft being between heel shafted and center shafted and allows you to line the ball up very easily with the club face. Cure claims that they have the highest MOI of any putter out there and when we used it we can say that the ball did respond very lively which is great if you have a tendency to leave putts short it will help you get the ball to the hole.  

The putter we tested was their black colored middle sized blade.  They make 3 different sizes depending on what you are looking for. The face of the putter is finely milled and there are tungsten plugs put in the ends to get the weighting correct.    The putter came with a red Winn Pistol Grip with CURE on the top of it.  There is a red leather putter cover with CURE stitched on either side of the flap and has a very strong magnetic closure that makes sure the cover will not fall off.  

In our testing we found that the putter was very easy to keep the ball on the intended line and with the increased MOI there was not an increase in skidding but the ball did roll very quickly and stay on line very well.  It also made it very easy to putt from off of the green and judging the speed was very easy.  

The price for this putter is $299 and you can get it in black or white.  While you may be thinking that $299 for a putter is a little much it is the one club you use more than any other in your bag over the course of a round and if fit correctly will help you improve more than that new $399 driver you are looking at.    

Cure also makes their RX line of putter which not only have adjustable weights on the back of them but also allow you to adjust the shaft angle to make sure it is correct for you.  We would recommend having a trained professional fit you if you were going to use this putter to make sure that it is set correctly for you.  It will help you hole more putts and that is what this game is about.   

Dads Say So Cure Putters may have figured out something here with the face-balancing adjustibility in creating the high MOI for players.  The putters are very clean looking and feel great in your hands.  You can adjust the weighting so it feels right in your hands as some players prefer a lighter putter and others a heavier putter.  To find out more about Cure Putters go to and do the research to find the putter that is right for you from there you can the location nearest you to pick one up.  

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