On our tour of Central Florida Golf Courses, Legends Golf and Country Club came up as a good place to play. The golf course is located next to a gated community but players don’t have to go into the community to get to the club house. When we arrived, we didn’t see any club house attendant available to carry clubs to the staging area. We found the club house staff very friendly and helpful. They seemed to be having a problem with their computers (slow). Staff was appropriately apologetic and expressed appreciation for our patience. On the course, there was a ranger making sure play continued at a good pace.

Legends has a very large driving range. Players warm up hitting balls from a flat area down into a low area. There is ample area on the driving range to accommodate a large number of players. On both sides of the driving range there are markers to help you figure out how far you are hitting the ball. The grass on the driving range is thick and lush. We found the putting green in good condition. It is a large area that can handle a group of 25+ players and aren’t bunched together.

Legends Golf and Country Club presents players with varying difficulty. Shots can be up hill, down hills, side hill lies, and thick rough. Legends has 5 sets of tees ranging from 6,808 yards (Gold Tees) to 4,658 yards (Purple Tees). We feel the 5 tees encourages players of all skill levels to enjoy the course. Most of the initial shots are straight off the tee. There are several holes where a player has to hit over a hazard of some sort.

Hole 4 is an extremely difficult par 3. Between the tee box and green is a ravine. Don’t be short or your ball will be in the ravine or behind trees to the right of the green. We found this green not very deep so controlling your shot is paramount.

The number one handicap hole is 6 and it is worth the lofty rating. The hole plays 440 yards from the Gold Tees but everything is uphill. Once on the green, subtle undulations present players with the difficult task of correctly reading the green.

Hole number 13 is a Par 3 that is all carry. The hole can be as long as 200 yards or only 87 yards. In either case, a player has to hit over grass and brush to successfully hit the green. Don’t be fooled by thinking hitting to the green is safe-it isn’t. This green has undulations and a false front that, if not carried, will lead a golf ball to roll off the green.

The Par 5 holes aren’t particularly difficult and fairly straight forward. A few of the Par 4s are shorter and require positioning off the tee. Hole 10 is a perfect example of a player hitting an iron to get in position to hit to the green.

When we played at Legends, conditions were less than ideal. We found several tee boxes absent grass and were forced to hit shots from “dirt patches”. Once off the tee, conditions varied. We found many shots where the grass was good and didn’t have to roll the ball to get a good lie. Driving from the tee box to our shot presented a different issue. The fairways had many low spots and was very bumpy. In some cases, it was so bumpy we felt as if we were skiing over moguls on a ski slope. Most of the golf carts bounced as they drove down the fairway. There were some spots where the grass had died and we had to roll the ball. Evaluating bunkers was difficult as Central Florida experienced heavy rains the night before we played and there were numerous washouts in bunkers. The greens had been recently vert-i-cut. The ball bounced and hopped all the way to the hole. On a couple greens, we observed bare spots. On others, we saw areas where grass died and dirt was surrounded by the remaining grass. It was difficult to gauge the green quality because of the poor conditions.

Dads Say So we love the layout at Legends and it can be a really fun golf course to play. While we do understand the normal course maintenance we were really disappointed in the conditions of the course as it was in need of improvement before we head back out there again. Sure mother nature can help by getting some rain to Central Florida and that may help but it is going to be a while before the great conditions return. We hope to get a better review of this great Central Florida course later this year. If you would like to book a round here go to legendsgolforlando.com and book today.

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