With Father’s Day approaching we wouldn’t be The Golfing Dads if we were not going to give you some great gift ideas!  We are here to give you ideas that are for an array of budgets to help you find that perfect gift.

Liberty Ball Markers is an awesome gift idea!  For only $16 you can get that perfect message for your Dad to give him a new “lucky ball marker.”  They are double sided and can put any message you want on them so that they are completely personable.  This is a great way to tell Dad how much you care about him or put all of his kids names on them for him!  Libertyballmarkers.com

Ace of Clubs Golf Company is a leather accessory company.  They will engrave and paint fill any of their headcovers, yardage book covers or valuables pouches.  Steve has an alligator yardage book cover with each of his boys names on either side!  They also make some great belts and can laser engrave the belt buckles with anything you want on them so you can make one that says “Happy Fathers Day” or put the kids names on it. It is a great accessory that Dad may not buy for himself but will be able to wear daily and be a great conversation piece with all of his golfing buddies that they are sure to be jealous of.  The belts all come trim to fit so there is no reason to find out dads waist size because all Dad needs to do is cut the belt the same length as his other belts.  There are some fancy colors to chose from as well.   AceofClubsGolfCo.com

Dormie Workshop can make some amazing headcovers custom made and embroidered or engraved with what ever you want on them.  Steve has a great putter cover (pictured below)  from them that on top says #1 Dad and has both of his sons name on it.  They are made of great quality and all of them are custom made so if you are looking for something special to surprise Dad with this is a great way to go! If you have a design you can send it to them and they will make it for you.  Their design team can also design one just for you! You can sketch your idea on a napkin and BOOM! they will make it for you! Also, happy first Father’s Day to Todd as he is dealing with sleepless nights now! Dormieworkshop.com

If Dad is a Chicago Cubs fan Sunfish Sales can get you a “Fly the W” headcover.  This is a great way to show his love for Chicago’s North Side team.  It also has Harry Carry’s likeness on it and says “Holy Cow.”  The quality is amazing on the Sunfish Sales Headcovers and they are very reasonably priced. For the full leather headcover for $69.99 to represent Dads favorite team on his bag it is a great gift idea.  They also have some other amazing covers that will look great on any bag.  Sunfishsales.com

If Dad is looking to help improve his game we suggest that you go to golftrainingaids.com where you can find any number of training aids that you can get Dad to help improve his game.  A few of them that we really like are The Navigator, SwingClick, and The 5 Dudes Golf Putting Gate System.  All of the training aids out there are sure to help Dad not only get better but are not expensive and make for an amazing gift!  Also, check them out on Instagram for their product of the week that they will show Dad how to use! Coming soon they will have a Fathers Day gift guide to find out their suggestions as well.  golftrainingaids.com


We have a review coming for a Hot Z Golf Cart Bag but we here to say that if Dad is in the market for a new bag you need to go to hotzgolf.com and order one from there.  Not only are the bags reasonably priced (3.0 stand bag and 3.5 cart bag are $99) but they will also embroider Dads name on the bag.  Dad is sure to love a bag that everyone will know is his when he shows up at the course.  If Dad is or was a military member, HotZ also makes bags for the branches of the military and some USA bags that are awesome looking and very functional!  hotzgolf.com


If Dad has a range finder getting him a mount for when he is riding in a cart is a great idea.  GPS Quick Clips is a great accessory that will make Dad enjoy his round of golf.  It is a mount that magnetically attaches to your cart and has an adapter for the range finder so that it is always at arms reach to make it easier for him to get to find his yardage out.  At only $35 it is a steal for a gift.  GPSQuickClips.com

Cleveland Golf makes some amazing wedges and they can be personalized just for Dads liking.  You can paint fill the logos and lofts on the clubs and then you can add Dads initials to make it personalized just for him.  It is only an additional $20 to customize it for him!  That is a really good deal to make it his own. Coming soon we will have a review of the new RTX-3 wedges here too! Clevelandgolf.com

If Dad has a problem with being out in the sun you need to look into getting him a pair or two of the Ice Rays Solar Sleeves.  This UV sleeves are amazing in design that wont pinch, feel great and will even cool your arms when you wear them.  Click here for a great video of Mike from thegolfingdads.com talking about the Ice Rays and why they are the only sleeves that he wears on the course to protect his arms.  For $25 for one pair or $39 for a twin pack you can’t the price for the protection and comfort they provide.  Icerays.com.au

Our friends at Topgolf will make Father’s Day an experience to remember.  Booking some time to spend the day with Dad at Topgolf will be something he will soon not forget.  You could always get Dad a gift card if you are not going to be with your Dad on Father’s Day so that he can have a great time and tell all of his friends how awesome his son or daughter is for giving him an awesome experience.  Topgolf.com

Many courses will do a parent child tournament on Father’s Day morning.  Steve and Mike (his Dad) won a couple of them when he was growing up in Massachusetts.  They make for a fun time and a great memory to participate in.  Any chance you have to play golf with your Dad on Father’s Day  will be something that you and your Dad will enjoy and remember.  Look for that opportunity to go out and play a round. 

Dads Say So that Father’s Day is the one day a year that Dads get to enjoy just for being a Dad.  These are a few of the great gift ideas that are out there for you to get your Dad.  There are many other ideas out there that you can get and we have reviewed a few of them.  If you are looking for other ideas make sure you check out our previous posts for many other ideas and we hope every Dad out there has an awesome Father’s Day.  

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