If you are on Instagram you probably have seen the ads for Leaved Sunglasses. We ordered a pair to check them out and we can say we wish we hadn’t.

First off after ordering it took them over 5 weeks to get them delivered! The are coming from Asia so we understand that it may take longer obviously but it took them 3 weeks for us to get the notice that they shipped them.

When they arrived and we opened them they were too small for a normal person. The glasses looked like a pair that belongs to Steve’s 3 year old son when he put them on his face.

Due to the size and how they felt we never used them on the golf course. The disappointing part is that we really liked the lens.  It was a blue tint and looked really good.  

Dads Say So that deals some times can be too good to be true.  The negatives really outweigh the positives for these glasses and they were not worth the $9.99 we paid for them.  If we could do it over again it wouldn’t have ordered them.  Take our advice and don’t order them unless you are looking for a pair of cheap sunglasses for a teenager and have way too much time on your hands to wait for a new pair.  

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