This review has been a long time in the works. Back in January at the PGA Merchandise Show Zero Friction gave us a black Motion Fit Glove and we have been testing it since then and are here to tell you that the glove still looks like new.

Zero Friction Motion Fit is endorsed by Johnny Miller. There were a couple things that we were a little skeptical of with the glove but those were quickly dismissed.

We all tend to like to wear Leather Gloves and this golf is more of a dry fit material with some leather patches sewn in. We thought it would feel different than the consistency of the full leather glove and we were wrong. It felt great.

Second we didn’t think that someone could have figured out how to make a one size fits all glove and we were wrong. All of us have different size hands and none of us had a problem with the fit of the glove. It was incredible.

As we enter June, we have been using this glove since the end of January at least once a week and here to say that the glove is barely showing any wear to it. This is the best feature of the glove. The durability of the glove is amazing and the only downfall of that is that great new glove feeling when you take one out of the box.

Zero Friction has some awesome looking golf gloves. If you are looking for your favorite Professional or Collegiate Sports team they have just what you are looking for. This is really cool in that it is another accessory that you can buy to show your teams support.

The only thing that we were not sold on was on the back of the glove by the closure there is a spot to hold a golf tee.  We did find it annoying when using it with a tee in it but it can easily be removed and there is no issue.

Dads Say So there are plenty of gloves out there if you are looking for a new one. Zero Friction Motion Fit is one that you can get and don’t have to worry about making sure you have the correct size and you can take it out of the box, put it on and get right to work. We also like that they come in multiple colors or your favorite sports team. It makes for a great glove for yourself or an awesome gift. You can get one for $21.95 at

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