There is a great device out there that attaches directly to the end of your putter grip and when you extend it will prop your putter up on any surface to keep the grip from getting wet when you are not using it. It is called The Elevator.

The elevator is about 6 inches long and has a rod that goes down into the shaft of the putter. To install it you need to screw it into the hole in the end of the grip and it is ready to go. We found it easy to install but they suggest using grip solvent if you have an issue. We didn’t need to use any though.

We tested The Elevator on different slopes and had no problem using it at all and it wouldn’t fall over. This is a great feature so you won’t have to worry about your grip getting wet.  The base also has a magnetic ball marker on it so you will always have it attached to your putter and wont have to dig through your pocket to find one.  

There are only a couple issues with The Elevator.  First, The Elevator   currently isn’t USGA conforming.  They are working on getting that fixed so that it is good for everyone to use.   The other issue is that if you have a counter balance putter grip it is going to be difficult to
install. You wont be able to install it if you have a the counter core grip from SuperStroke.

Dads Say So The Elevator is a great addition to your putter if you have back issues. It also is great in that you don’t have to remember anything else to bring with you and you can still keep your grip clean. For only $16.95 its tough to pass up. To get yours go to and order one today.

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