This morning Tiger Woods was arrested and charged with suspicion of DUI after being pulled over at 3am. There is a lot of news breaking about this but the Dads have our take on it.

First off, as Steve says, nothing good happens after midnight! He was pulled over at 3am? 90% of the people on the road at 3am are drunk (ok that may be a stretch but?).

Second, does he not have the money since he hasn’t been playing for an Uber? Lets be real. Would you rather pay for an Uber than end up with the mug shot photo pictured here? Sure if your Tiger you want to keep your house a secret and probably don’t want an Uber driver pulling up to your front door (then get a limo).

Is Tiger struggling with life?  Not being able to compete?  Not being number 1?  Should he be drinking with the painkillers he is on?  There were rumors of ambien after that infamous accident.  Is this a bigger issue than any of us know?  

 Dads Say So we feel bad for Tiger. Sure common sense doesn’t play into the equation when you are drunk but its always funny to us when someone who has plenty of money gets a DUI when it could have easily been avoided in the first place. Tiger has said in the past that “Winning takes care of everything!” Can winning get you out of your date with the judge?  We do wish Tiger the best of luck with this. Lets hope it isn’t going to add to the waiting game of Tiger returning to golf!

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