Memorial Day is a day where we remember those who have fallen defending our amazing country protecting our freedom.  Today we are going to do a review of the Liberty Putter Cover from Sunfish Sales.  This is a great way to show your support of our country and those defending it on your golf bag!

Sunfish Sales is a leather company that makes headcovers, cash covers, yardage book covers. They also make knit covers and can custom make covers for any occasion.

We really love the quality and design of the Liberty Putter Cover. The top is blue leather with white stars stitched into it. The sides are red and white leather to look like the American Flag.  Your patriotism will really be on display with this on your bag.  

The cover is very durable and they claim that it will not fade in the sun.  After three rounds in the 90º Florida heat it still looks like new.   This is a great quality as we know how much the sun can make anything that is left out in it fade.

There is plenty of padding in the fur lined cover to protect the most used club in your bag. There is a Velcro closure that seems to be very tacky and will stay on and you wont have to worry about it falling off.  The hand-stitching is nicely done and it is well constructed so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart at all.  They have really done a great job!

The Putter Cover is reasonably priced at $49.99 for a hand-stitched leather cover. We feel for one this nice you are getting a great deal to add this to your bag. They also have matching driver, fairway wood and hybrid covers if you are looking for the matching set.

On their site Sunfish Sales has many other designs to chose from including one that every Cubs Fan needs to own. They have “Fly the W” headcovers, yardage book cover and wallet. These include a Harry Carey “Holy Cow” engraving at the bottom of them and look really good.

Dads Say So as we celebrate Memorial Day it is great to support our Country.  If you are looking for a quality headcover for your own bag or a gift for someone else you need to go to and pick one one of the Liberty Collection for your very own. Headcovers are a great way to express yourself and they have found a way to really be expressive with your golf accessories. If your looking to be leather or knit accessories Sunfish Sales has exactly what you’re looking for.

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