With the harsh rays from the sun, especially in Florida, it is important for players protect their eyes. We recently had the opportunity to test the Maxx HD sunglasses.

On the their website, Maxx HD claims the glasses prevent peripheral distortion and filters blue portion of light to enable eyes to relax and see more clearly. We found this claim to be very accurate. Whether hitting balls on the driving range or playing a round of golf, we found complete eye coverage. We did not feel we had to squint in order to see the golf ball. Throughout play, we felt our sight lines on the golf course were clear and crisp.This includes both addressing the ball and watching the ball in flight.

Another claim is improved depth perception. We found this true especially when putting. We were able to read putts and “see the line” better. As claimed, glare on the driving range or golf course was eliminated. When the sun went behind a cloud, we didn’t feel like we had to take the glasses off in order to better see the ball. Overall, we agree with their claim that colors are more vibrant.

Dads Say So we liked playing with Maxx HD glasses. They will protect a player’s eyes and not interfere with a player’s vision on the course. The sunglasses are comfortable to wear and aren’t too tight. We didn’t feel the sunglasses interfered with our ability to line up putts or read grain. We felt eye fatigue was less while wearing the sunglasses. Even after the round was completed, we felt wearing the sunglasses reduced dry eyes. To get your own pair of MAXX HD Sunglasses go to MaxxSunglasses.com and find the pair that is best for you. At only $19.95 a pair you can’t find a better pair for the price.

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