Everyone who plays this crazy game has their own “lucky ball marker.” The Golfing Dads have just changed ours out for some new personalized ones from Liberty Ball Markers.

Liberty Ball Markers is a company out of Missouri that we found on social media with the quality craftsmanship on display for everyone to see. We were impressed and reached out and got a couple and have to say that we are really pleased with the quality.  They are made of 100% copper and hand stamped to get the great look!   

If you see their pictures on their website or on social media and then you get one you are surprised at first how large they are and second how solid they are.  We had thought that they would be very light.  When they arrived they were heavier than a half dollar.  This is a great quality of a marker for 2 reasons.  It will stay in your pocket and not fall out if you are riding in a cart.  Second it is easy to put down behind the golf ball and mark it so you lessen the fact of your playing partners accusing you of marking your golf ball incorrectly.   

Liberty Ball Markers also makes some cool bag tags that look just like the ball markers but you can hang them on your golf bag, luggage to identify it or even on your briefcase for a cool reminder of where you would rather be while sitting in that business meeting.  

Dads Say So that Liberty Ball Markers are in a class all of their own.  If you are looking for a great stocking stuffer, corporate outing gift, add on to a groomsmen gift, or the perfect gift to buy someone who has everything this is the place you need to go.  We really like ours and have already taken our other ball markers out of our bag and will only be using our new “lucky ball marker.”  To get your own uniquely personalized “lucky ball marker” log on to LibertyBallMarkers.com and order yours today for only $16.  If you want to see some of their previous work go to their Instagram page and check it out.  

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