So TheGolfingDads all have our go to choices in grips and how they are installed. Grips are the most important part of the golf club as they connect you to club and if they are in bad condition it will impact club performance.

The team at C-Thru Grips sent us a Standard Round Grip and a Large Paddle Grip to review. We really liked the grips when we reviewed them.

First of all, if you have not heard of C-Thru Grips you NEED to go an . They have standard designs to go under your grips including a USA and our favorite for your putter “Cash Money.” They also allow you to upload your own design and you can get many different sports teams as well.

The install of the grips was a little different as Steve had to raid his wife’s hair spray bottle as you can’t use solvent with them. After taking the old grip off and removing the tape you put what ever design you chose and place it on the shaft. You then spray a very generous amount of hair spray in the grip. We do suggest you cover up the hole at the end of the grip and shake the hairspray up and down in the grip as it will make instillation easier. Then you spray the label on the shaft and slide the grip right on. Instillation was very easy.

On the course both grips responded great. As they say on their site they are “a soft feeling grip with the perfect amount of tack.” While the grip we installed on a driver felt just like your standard tour wrap in feel and response the putter grip was the biggest surprise review yet. It had the best feel of any putter grip we have tried yet. All of us were disappointed in the fact we put it on our test putter and not on our gamer. It was truly the best feeling grip we have felt on any putter and don’t understand why no one is installing them as stock on their putters.

Dads Say So if you have not tried out C-Thru Grips you don’t have any idea what your missing. First, to have the ability to represent your country or favorite sports team or put that “Cash Money” on your putter for good vibes it is a great bonus so that people know who you are supporting. The grips are great quality and are some of the best feeling grips we have seen. To find out what tapes they have or to make your own custom ones go to and order them now. We know where our next grips will be ordere
d from!

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