Sawgrass, Pebble, Doral, Bay Hill, there are a lot of courses on tour that have great finishes.  At the end of the day we will take Sawgrass…

Lets start with 16.  The ultimate risk reward par 5.  Its reachable by everyone out there.  The lay up is impossible with that tree that is short left of the green.  Going for the green is no picnic as if you miss it you have a tricky chip shot from anywhere.  This is a hole built for excitement where you can make an eagle just as easily as you can make a double bogey.  

17 is the greatest hole in golf…It doesn’t matter the par of the hole its the greatest.  Its the most photographed, most heartbreaks, most excitement if you hit the green hole you will ever have the joy of playing.  Unless you have been there you will never understand how difficult 134 yards really is.  51 Weeks a year its an easy hole. The week of The Players its the hardest hole you will face at a point in the round where everyone is watching and pressure is running on high.  

The 18th hole is, what those who have ever been there will tell you, the hardest tee shot you will ever see.  And the green isn’t any picnic either.  Steve watch 2 guys on the cut line on Friday hit balls into the water as they were trying to make sure they made a par and ended up reloading and making double and spending the weekend at home not making a paycheck.  It is the greatest finishing hole in the world.  Many of dreams have been realized and crushed on 18.  

Dads Say So TPC Sawgrass is the greatest venue ever designed for what has become the championship for The Players.  There may be 72 holes that make up a golf tournament but at The Players the first 69 of them just put you in position for the last three that decide the outcome of the tournament.  There are other finishes on tour but none as AWESOME as TPC Sawgrass.  When it comes down to the importance of the event and the last three holes there isn’t even a close second.  So enjoy this weekend there isn’t another one like it.  

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