Our good friend Scott Lehman is the found our In His Grip Golf. If you ever get a chance to meet Scott you will quickly find out that for as amazing an individual he is his family and faith give him an amazingly full life.

In His Grip Golf is a Christian sports program for men, designed with a vision to provide a first-class golf experience to improve your game on and off the course.

In His Grip Golf Programs are conducted by churches around the country. In His Grip connects men who have a passion for the game. These events are designed to have fun, friendly competition & share an encouraging life message.

Scott reached out to me today and asked us to share a recent video he did with Bob Jones IV at Atlanta Athletic Club. Bob is the grandson of Augusta National Founder and the greatest amateur to every play the game, Bobby Jones.

Click Here for the video. Everyone should watch this!

Dads Say So we are proud to even know Scott and his mission. He is an amazing person who makes us a better people just for knowing him. You should check him and In His Grip out on the internet and social media. Also check out their YouTube Channel. You will learn a thing our two about golf as well as your own faith.

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