Up until now play clocks have been in Football and Basketball that is until this week. The GolfSixes event on The European Tour combined Happy Gilmore and a Professional Event but for the good.

On the first tee there was a mascot, smoke introductions and spectators chanting. The teams were made up of country mates playing 6 hole matches against each other and over the weekend it was win or go home.  

There was a shot clock where the players had 40 seconds to make a full swing and 30 seconds to hit a putt.  There was one penalty for slow play (a one stroke penalty) and it was by Paul Peterson of the USA.  

Denmark won the event with a team comprised of Thorbjorn Olesen and Lucas Bjerregaard and is was really fun to watch.  They defeated the team from Australia made up of Scott Hend and Sam Brazel.  

This was a dangerous event for the European tour.  There was only a $1 Million purse and no title sponsor so they tour footed the bill for this event but we think that next year they will have that sponsor and this event will be back and very strong.  

Dads Say So this event was awesome for golf.  Just like the two man event last week in New Orleans a new format that we don’t see every week is fun every once in a while and mixes up the “norm” on tour its fun.  Mascots and shot clocks may not be the norm but they could attract new fans to the game who may not have watched last week.  Speeding up the game and playing these shorter 6 hole matches can really make it a fun day on the links when you don’t have all of the time in the world and want to get some golf in.  We hope this event sticks on the European Tour and gets a title sponsor next year.  It is well deserving of one!

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