This has been a very interesting week on social media for professional golfers. TheGolfingDads use a lot of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube) to promote our posts and talk about how awesome this game is. There have been a time or two that we have had some not so nice people comment on what we have put up on social media with out looking at what we are talking about.

Last weekend Dottie Pepper made a mistake in golf coverage on TV. On Twitter there were a bunch of “trolls” who were very critical of her mistake. Were going to assume that everyone who is giving Dottie a hard time is perfect all of the time in their life. With all of the criticism Dottie ended up closing her Twitter account.

Later in the week Ian Poulter posted a picture that we thought was really funny of him marking his practice balls with his initials on them in Sharpie and there were some people who “trolled” him making fun of him for marking his practice balls. These people don’t understand how precise tour players are in they practice.  They use the same balls they play with week in and week out and in Orlando at Lake Nona and Isleworth they will sort all of the players balls out and give them back to them to practice with.

Dads Say So social media is a blessing and a curse. We love to help get the word out there with our accounts but sometimes there are people out there that are not very nice. If you have a social media account you need to remember not to take anything personal. If you are a troll, why?  We hope that you are the most perfect person in the world because were going to guess that you are not as great as you think you are and at some point someone will troll you.  Being critical of a post in a professional manner is one thing and we love different points of view, there is no reason to be ugly, curse or troll as you then lower yourself to the same people we have talked about calling in rules violations from their parents couch.  

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